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Tour the Golf Course!

Tour the Golf Course!

​​1-Person Scramble Results

September 13, 2020


"A" Flight

1st - Aaron Coon
2nd - Dan Hagler
3rd - Kobe Franklin


​"B" Flight

​1st (Tie) - Gene Adams
1st (Tie) - Tony Chamness
1st (Tie) - Mike Edwards
1st (Tie) - Jim Honey
1st (Tie) - Jack Smith
1st - (Tie)Brady Wright

​"C" Flight

​1st (Tie) - Daniel Beasley
1st (Tie) - Duane Bierstedt
1st (Tie) - Chase Hargrove
1st (Tie) - Rick Tweedy
1st (Tie) - Tom Wright

​"D" Flight

​1st - Mark Willmann
2nd - (Tie) Josh Hogue
2nd (Tie) - Matt Lang
2nd (Tie) - Curtis Plott
2nd (Tie) - Jef Stout

​"A" Flight

​1st - Sheryn Queen
2nd - Kelli Wood

​"B" Flight

​1st - Debbie Morrissey
2nd (Tie) - Linda Thompson

2nd (Tie) - Tammy Turner

​"C" Flight

​1st - Meachelle Hoffman
2nd - LaDonna Stoelzle

Couples Scramble

The Couples held their 5th Scramble of the year on Sunday, August 23rd. 12 Couples this month who turned out for some good golf and great food.  Our next Scramble will be September 20th, Chuck and Sherri Goforth will be providing the main dish.

This Month's winners were:

1st - Ken/Debbie Morrissey and Greg/Kelli Wood
​2nd - Tom/Carolyn Tripp and Jim/Linda Thompson
​3rd -  Jim/Wanda Honey and Chris/Brenda Whitaker

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We have an 18-hole  course with four tee boxes on each hole. No matter your skill level, you'll enjoy our links.

Use our Pro Shop to get outfitted with gear, inquire about club membership and get expert advice about your game.

Whether you're looking to get in 9 or 18 holes, our Pro Shop is always open.  Call 618-833-7912 for a Tee time.

Tee Times

​​VFW Scramble Results

September 12, 2020

"A" Flight

1st - S. Betts/D. Hannuksela/J. Hogue/R. Moss
2nd - C. Goforth/S. Goforth/G. Wood/K. Wood
3rd - J. Honey/R. Hubbs/D. Parks/T. Tripp

​"B" Flight

​1st -T. Colyer/K. Ellet/A. Lambdin/A. Livesay
2nd - M. Cohen/T. Holtkamp/N. James/C. Mitchell
3rd D. Gaddus/S. Hoffman/C. Poole/B. Randolph

Upcoming Events

Week of 9/13/2020

1:00p 1-Person Scramble


Pro Shop and Course Closed until 11:00a


9:30 Seniors


9:30 Ladies Morning Scramble

5:00 Men's Scramble


5:00 Ladies Evening Scramble


No Events


8:00a & 1:30p Lick Creek School Scramble

Weekly Member Events
Tuesday - 18 hole Senior Scramble 9:30 Shotgun start (age 50 & up)
Wednesday - Ladies 9 Hole Scramble 9:30 Shotgun start

5:30 Men's Scramble
Thursday - Ladies 9 Hole Scramble 5:30 Shotgun start
Friday - Open Play
Sat & Sun - Open Play