Union County Country Club

​430 E. Jefferson Street - Anna, IL  62906

​618-833-7912 - golf@ucccgolf.com

Men's Wednesday Night Scramble

May - 2017

Winners this month were:

May 3rd
The Men did not play due to inclement weather!

May 10th
1st – Bubba Kobler/Brian Nowakowski/Dan Smith/Tom Wright
2nd –Joe Mason/John Mowery/Jason Short/Mike Smith
3rd –Greg Masterson/Andrew Williams/Ricky Williams/Walt Zeschke

May 17th
1st – Brent GoForth/Tom Huffman/Ron Steers/Andrew Williams
2nd –Deno Bankston/Earl Hampton/Bubba Kohler/Dan Smith
3rd – Colby Burns/Tony Chamness/Al Joiner/Walt Zeschke

May 24th
1st – Matt Laster/Greg Masterson/Cody Tellor/Rob Wright
2nd –Earl Hampton/Jim Honey/Benny Rose/Ron Steers
3rd – Deno Bankston/Jerry Kidd/Joe Wendling/Walt Zeschke

May 31st
1st – Brandon Bierstedt/Coby Burns/Al Joiner/Ricky Williams
2nd –Deno Bankston/Ron Hubbs/Bubba Kobler/Benny Rose
3rd – Darrin Inman/John Schneider/Jim Thompson/Tom Wright