Union County Country Club

​430 E. Jefferson Street - Anna, IL  62906

​618-833-7912 - golf@ucccgolf.com

Wednesday Morning Ladies

May - 2017

Winners this month were:

May 3rd
The Ladies did not play due to inclement weather!

May 10th
1st –Sally Dumas/Janice Johnson/Betty Mowery/Carolyn Tripp
2nd(Tie) –Donna Moomaw/Debbie Morrissey/Brenda Whitaker

2nd(Tie) --Jeanie Hill/Sherry Jenkins/LaDonna Stoelze

May 17th
1st(Tie) --Kelli Clutts/Millie McGrath/Debbie Morrissey/Carolyn Tripp

1st(Tie) --Janice Johnson/Bev Moore/LaDonna Stoelze/Marty Wolfe

May 24th
1st –Cathy Coad/Janice Johnson/Debbie Morrissey/LaDonna Stoelzle
2nd -Jeanie Hill/Sue Randolph/Carolyn Tripp

​3rd --Elaine Crain/Chris Elder/Sherry Jenkins/Marty Wolfe

May 31st

​1st --Jeanie Hill/Donna Moomaw/Janice Johnson/Marty Wolfe

2nd(Tie) --Cathy Coad/Sally Dumas/Beverly Moore/Betty Mowery

​2nd(Tie) --Kelli Clutts/Kristie Russell/LaDonna Stoelzle/Linda Thompson