Union County Country Club

​430 E. Jefferson Street - Anna, IL  62906

​618-833-7912 - ucccgolf@gmail.com

Tuesday Morning Seniors

November - 2019

  Winners this month were:

November 5th

1st --Chuck Goforth/Ron Hubbs/Danny Osman/Jim Thompson
2nd --Jim Honey/Bob Schluter/Roger Vanderpool/Joe Wendling
3rd --Kevin Conroy/Vern Davis/Al Joiner/Walt Zeschke

November 12th

Seniors did not play due to COLD and SNOW weather!

November 19th
1st --Danny Osman/Bob Schluter/Walt Zeschke
2nd --Roger Stroehlein/Jim Thompson/Roger Vanderpool
3rd --Chuck Goforth/Al Joiner/Joe Wendling

November 26th

1st --Vern Davis/Jim Thompson/Joe Wendling/Walt Zeschke
2nd --Danny Osman/Bob Schluter/Roger Vanderpool
3rd --Kevin Conroy/Al Joiner/Dick Palmer/Roger Stroehlein