Union County Country Club

​430 E. Jefferson Street - Anna, IL  62906

​618-833-7912 - ucccgolf@gmail.com

Wednesday Morning Ladies

August- 2023

Winners this month were:

August 2nd
The Ladies did not play due to inclement weather.

August 9th
1st(T) --Sally Dumas/Lynn Kendrick/Debbie Morrissey/Tammy Turner
1st(T) --Jean Hill/Michele Richtner/Linda Thompson
​3rd --Debra Hesse/Meachelle Hoffman/Janice Johnson/Cindy Mosby

August 16th
1st(T) --Sheleigh Belonge/Kelli Clutts/Debbie Morrissey/Michelle Richtner
1st(T) --Sally Dumas/Heather Heisner/Carolyn Tripp
​3rd --Mary Jane Edmonds/Meachelle Hoffman/LaDonna Stoelzle/Linda Thompson

August 23rd
1st --Heather Heisner/Janice Johnson/Debbie Morrissey/Tammy Turner
2nd ---​Jean Hill/Michele Richtner/Carolyn Tripp
​3rd -Debra Hesse/Meachelle Hoffman/LaDonna Stoelzle

August 30th
1st --Debbie Morrissey/Linda Thompson/Carolyn Tripp
2nd ---​Kelli Clutts/Heather Heisner/Meachelle Hoffman/Michelle Richter
​3rd -Jean Hill/Cindy Mosby/LaDonna Stoelzle