Union County Country Club

​430 E. Jefferson Street - Anna, IL  62906

​618-833-7912 - ucccgolf@gmail.com

Men's Wednesday Night Scramble

August - 2023

Winners this month were:

August 2nd
1st --Ethan Bowen/Randy Whittinghill/Chase Hargrove/Dennis Lowery
2nd ---​Al Joiner/Pat Treece/Seth Watson/Joe Wendling
​3rd -Cody Carver/Jordon Larne/Cody Livesay/Dan Smith

August 9th
The Men did not play due to inclement weather!

August 16th
1st --Brent Goforth/Chase Hargrove/Tom Huffman/Randy Whittinghill
2nd ---​Michael Brown/Tex Lehr/Cody Livesay/Dennis Lowery

August 23rd
1st --Cody Carver/Brent Goforth
2nd --Joe Wendling/Randy Whittinghill
​3rd -Cody Livesay/Darrell Ralls

August 30th
1st --Tom Bailey/Doug Schluter/Joe Wendling
2nd ---​Brent Goforth/Darrel Ralls/Teddy Sanders/Randy Whittinghill
​3rd -Nathan Hodges/Guy Kuhn/Pat Treece