Men's Wednesday Night Scramble

September- 2021

Winners this month were:

September 1st
1st – Tom Bailey/Barry Faulkner/Guy Kuhn/Joe Wendling
2nd – Jordan Layne/Cody Livesay/Doug Schluter
3rd --Brent Goforth/Robby Kendrick/Clinton Pecord/Pat Treece

September 8th
1st – Barry Faulkner/Al Joiner/Robby Kendrick/Brandon Miller
2nd –Cody Carver/Tom Huffman/Seth Watson/Jim Thompson

​September 15th
1st – Barry Faulkner/Jack Nelson/Jim Thompson
2nd –Brent Goforth/Chuck Goforth/Cody Livesay
3rd --Tom Huffman/Joe Mason/Joe Wendling

September 22nd
1st – Roy McHarry/Brandon Miller/Jim Thompson/Joe Wendling
2nd –Al Joiner/Cody Livesay/Joe Mason/Seth Watson

September 29th
The Men did not play due to High School Regionals.

Union County Country Club

​430 E. Jefferson Street - Anna, IL  62906

​618-833-7912 -